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I crave hard shell tacos most of the time

May 22 2014 - #taco#craving

Grawr. She’s mine!

Our own world.

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Leaf Angel.

Sneak peek. I’m beginning a personal project. I hope to complete it all in 6 months time.

Oct 07 2013 - #personal project#flash

I’m doing some art for a friend. He is making a game »>demo»>

Oct 02 2013 - #Esoteric#flash#shadees

Horse Study.

Actually, I’m not that fond of horses and especially of horse movies, but I saw that a friend wanted to draw them nice. Competition (all in my head)

Here is part of my process. I have fun making patterns and putting them on clothing or anything else really. «< Final version will be posted here

I breathe in the salty air.